How To Go Green

Are you confused about how to go green? Due to the increased awareness about climate change, there's a proliferation of "green" articles in magazines, newspapers, and websites. There are specialty TV shows about green living, and even Oprah is talking about green. Some green information just gives you tips on what to do. The more useful ones provide information to understand why the green option is better than the conventional one. But even those don't provide enough information for the average person to understand which changes are more important than others. There's too much information and not enough guidance - it's green chaos!

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Simple Green Steps

Going green is a complex subject to understand, but our Carbon Diet staff are dedicated to making it easy to understand! We specialize in green education, to teach you how you can make green living a part of who you are. Read more about our 6 Steps to Go Green.

Green Success Stories

While many think of leaders as politicians, we think of leaders in terms of people leading the way in this new green world. Whether it's an ecopreneur (the new term for a green entrepreneur ) providing green products, or a family making their home more efficient, there are many green leaders among us demonstrating how to embrace going green. They've broken out of the green chaos and taken action.

Get inspired to go green from our Green Success Stories.

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Advanced Green Steps

If you're already on the path of going green, and understand the basics, our advanced green steps will show you what you can do next. We have covered a broad list of subjects to help you go green. Here's a sample of the topics covered in the advanced area:

  • Green Investing
  • Electric cars
  • Green Business
  • Solar Power
  • Organic Food
  • Advanced Green Terminology
  • Movies, Books, Websites, and more

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